A Message From Mayor Walter Weshley

Greetings from here in beautiful Sleepytown. I'm told this introduction is for something called a web page on the internet superhighway. I may not know what that is, but I'm sure if you're reading this, then you know where you're at. When I travel, I usually have to ask for directions myself.

Anyway, I thank you for visiting and encourage you to take a moment to peruse all that our town has to offer. From our historic buildings to the well-cared for neighborhoods and schools, Sleepytown has something for everyone. We take great pride in our community spirit and the ability to stick together through good times as well as the downright bizarre times (and let me tell you, we've sure as hell had a few of those). That being said, don't let anything you've heard about the town's past or even the present day keep you from coming for a visit.

Sleepytown looks forward to seeing you soon.

Walter Weshley

"Come for a visit. Stay for a nap."


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